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The Most Powerful Person in Polish Golf
We met with “Most Powerful Person” in Polish Golf to understand the person and his contribution to golf in Poland. We ended up being fans. Tavi Nimrod (1968, New York) Educated at Oxford (England), George Washington University  and Georgetown (USA). Mr. Tavi is a land developer and the former... Read more
Diversity is in my nature – Alex Caprice
I always loved designing, creating something distinctive, that no one else had. The Alex Caprice brand is a great passion of mine, but as we all know, the business aspect of it all and a positive financial result are required to achieve the full extent of happiness. The Alex... Read more
NETWORKER – Witold Antosiewicz, Grzegorz Turniak
The strength of a mutual recommendation lies mostly in the synergy gained by both business partners. Each of them introduces some positive qualities, skills or know-how to the networking group. If those positive things land on fertile soil, they may bear incredible fruits. Grzegorz Turniak How do you learn... Read more
Family business – Anna Gawlikowska
As a young, 23 year-old woman I decided on a serious enterprise – opening a restaurant for VIP. That was a life lesson, an incredible experience and very hard work. Opening a restaurant for VIP only was a really bold move… As a young, 23 year-old woman I decided... Read more
It’s worth being an optimist – Mariusz Pujszo
You have many professions – director, screenwriter, actor, producer, publisher and organizer of the Grand Galas. Is cinema still your hobby or maybe it’s already a way of life? Cinema always was and is my hobby. I like cinema, I like to toy with it, but that doesn’t mean... Read more
Nick Vujicic – God, honor… and motivation
  Hello, Nick, thank you so much for agreeing to this interview. We are very excited about this, even though this is your second visit to Poland. Getting to the point… BT: How do you like Poland? How was the flight? NV: Thank you for asking. The flight went by... Read more
Eric Thomas – passion, passion and only passion!
 Motivation is like water; we cannot live without it. Hi Eric! „How much do you wish to succeed!”, one might say. I just saw your performance here in Krakow recently in front of 10,000 people, where do you get so much energy from? Thank you, I simply believe in... Read more
Kamila Rowińska – Business Coaching
You changed your profession to become a coach and trainer; what spurred you in this direction? For 13 years, I worked as the director of a distribution network for a Swedish cosmetics corporation. I loved this job and I was passionately devoted  to it. Somewhere in the back of... Read more
Living Life Against All Odds – Ava Eagle Brown’s 7 rules for success
Imagine a young girl, maybe in her early teens. Born in Jamaica as the eldest child of nine siblings.  Since she comes from a very poor family where hunger and poverty are a constant in her home, this little girl helps her parents make money to feed the family... Read more
Andrzej Cichocki – Over coming yourself
 What kind of metamorphosis did you have to go through before you could start helping others? To tell you the truth, what happened in my life turned my entire life upside down. One of the stages was to take helping others to a whole new level. The change that... Read more