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Rząd oficjalnie zrezygnował z wprowadzenia testu przedsiębiorcy, ale zapowiada, że będzie skrupulatnie weryfikował, kto jest „prawdziwym” przedsiębiorcą, a kto wystawia tylko jedną fakturę w miesiącu, unikając w ten sposób wyższego opodatkowania. Zapowiada również zniesienie limitu 30-krotności składek ZUS. Jak planowane zmiany wpłyną na branżę IT w Polsce zapytaliśmy Jakuba... Read more
International Human Rights Commission,European Union 🇪🇺 is once again an international observer in the Extraordinary Parliamentary Election 21.07.2019 in Ukraine
International Human Rights Commission,European Union 🇪🇺 is once again an international observer in the Extraordinary Parliamentary Election 21.07.2019 in Ukraine 🇺🇦 👉…/vnd20…/wp044pt001f01=919pt164f01=95 Team IHRC: ✍️🤝🥰 253.Babris Arnolds 254 Badziąg Grzegorz 255 Baraulia Volha 256 Barton Maciej 257 Boubekeur Abdelkader 279 Vallas Marcellu 280 Wasik Rafal Marcin 281 Wasik... Read more
Zarządzanie nieruchomością zagrożoną. W czym tkwi sekret?
W nieruchomości warto inwestować, jednak trzeba brać pod uwagę ryzyka i obserwować zachodzące na rynku zmiany.   Zaciągając długoterminowy kredyt należy pamiętać, że jego spłata nie będzie dla nas jednakowym obciążeniem na przestrzeni lat. W sytuacji, gdy pojawiają się problemy z płynnością finansową, a nieruchomość staje się zagrożonym aktywem zarządzanie... Read more
Three methods for a quick and effective change in interior décor
Even though an individual approach regarding every employee is a rather obvious matter, not many employers know how to fully utilize their team’s potentia} and to manage it efficiently. Searching for answers to business efficiency inevitably leads to the biostructure of the brain, which has an almost magnetic effect... Read more
Biostructure of brain-management in business
As much as the functionality of the brain is becoming less of an enigma to science, so the field of genetics le-aves a lot to be discovered regarding this fascinating organ. The knowledge of applying human personality traits to long term sales success is what inspired the creation of... Read more
Questions without question marks
A good education, Ph.D., first job, starting salary of 4500 PLN take home, company laptop and phone. This is the strategy and vision of the future for many young individuals. Some managed to accomplish this so why shouldn’t you O After all you’re intelligent, have an honors diploma and... Read more
Two Poles and a Brooklyn Jew conquering Wall Street
Poles and a jew collaborating and together achieving success? A scenario straight out of the Promised Land and rarely seen these days, but on Wall Street anything is possible. The three entrepreneurs started a company which in a smaller of 18 months was bought out for millions and became... Read more
It isn’t exactly a new topie, that we discuss the issue of integration in respects to Poland and the Polonia elements around the world,firstly as an important sociological aspect, and second as an element which influences the way Poland is perceived internationally. A united people can achieve ore, which... Read more
The Polish post-communist era entrepreneur
There is a theory that 99% of people born are slaves. It’s easier to obey orders than to think strategically and take responsibility for the consequences. But regardless of this, we seek freedom, though we don’t fully under-stand where freedom comes from and what can take it away. We... Read more
“Crooked Nose” that is, the honest confession of the leader
Playing the guitar, which originally was intended only as a way to romance girls, became my passion, and later the love of my life. The beginning was not easy. I didn’t have my own instrument, so I borrowed one from my neighbors in Mokotow. Three days from one, three... Read more