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Three methods for a quick and effective change in interior décor
Even though an individual approach regarding every employee is a rather obvious matter, not many employers know how to fully utilize their team’s potentia} and to manage it efficiently. Searching for answers to business efficiency inevitably leads to the biostructure of the brain, which has an almost magnetic effect... Read more
Biostructure of brain-management in business
As much as the functionality of the brain is becoming less of an enigma to science, so the field of genetics le-aves a lot to be discovered regarding this fascinating organ. The knowledge of applying human personality traits to long term sales success is what inspired the creation of... Read more
Catch a chill…
We live in times when we are expected to look young and beautiful forever, have only success, have new ideas, and be seen at trendy locations… sleep lit-tle, eat less or way too much, and function at 120%… but is this possible? As a psychologist and psychotherapist, I see... Read more
Risk – the negative actor of investment
,,Risk is the result of being unaware of your actions”. – Warren Edward Buffet Recently there has been an in.flow ef money anto the market, which was previously detracted by Poles Jrom the banks which once were called institutions ef public trust” and then became brokers ef every possible... Read more
What is investing in gold really?
Lately gold has consumed the attention of investors. This metal is commonly referred to as an alternative investment, yet is it really something new or exotic enough in relation to the “good old” stocks, obligations, bonds and currencies, to call it “alternative”? A SHORT HISTORY OF GOLD Gold was... Read more
The New Face of Hypnotherapy in Poland
When you think of hypnotherapy, then you will likely have an image come to mind straight out of Holly-wood, where the client lays on a sofa, and the therapist swings a watch before their eyes and causing the client to tell them their life story. There is nothing further... Read more
Digital Networking, the tools of a good networker
Imagine that you just finished with a great conference and met a lot of interesting people. A few of these acquaintances seem to be promising, but after a few intense hours, you are no longer sure of who you agreed with on what or what was discussed, their faces... Read more
How to start running? The school of running according to Marcin Swierc
If you’re considering running, it’s a good idea to first get your head on straight and understand a few basic things. Why do we run? How much? What do we wear? How do we run? Do we simply run? And most importantly: what should we get out of it?... Read more
Value in its own – work as a virtue.
„Do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life” – Confucius A useful stage in self-discovery is taking notice of the famous Confucian saying, “If you do what you love, you will never have to work.” This maxim is making quite the career in recent years,... Read more
Worker motivation myths
A lot has been said about motivation, yet some persistent myths about the subject keep popping up. Mostly, they arise from an incorrect understanding of the psychological basis of motivation.  Research shows that in more than 95% cases low work motivation is the result of bad management. Those mistakes are... Read more