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When time is the currency, it’s easy to overpay
Lessons in saving and investing for young people have a very big gap. They teach the individual the use of only one currency: money. Well, these small amounts that remain in the wallets of students, or even the first salary of aspiring corporate employees do not require too much... Read more
Make your business travel work for you.
On a business trip: 7am flight, 11am – conference, 6pm dinner with a client. Does this sound familiar? You can make an impression only once, and this will decide if and how you’re going to be remembered, and perhaps your table neighbor is key to advancing in your career?... Read more
You are not the limit  of which the world speaks
We live in prisons of our own limitations, which are imposed on us the instant we are born. From the very beginning, our parents, unaware of their limitations, superimpose the same structures on us by which they themselves live. This structure of limitation is then reinforced in our minds... Read more
Brexit – A political assassination? To understand Brexit it has to be put into context. Firstly, there was a huge backlash against the European Parliament and it’s Legislators which was perceived to be compromising the UK Parliament’s ability to legislate for Britain. Secondly, the influx of Eastern Europeans led... Read more
It was a very good day. Only 30 minutes until the much-awaited game of Poland in football.  A historical chance was before us – a possibility of reaching the semi-final,  only Portugal was in the way. Empty streets, the referee’s first whistle, and that silence, which only after 100... Read more
A cure for the category limitation  of young people
– “Are you from the art world, or from the business world?” I firmly replied that I’m from the business world after all. From the creative industry, but still. It was in June this year. I registered for the „BizneSztuka- budujemy pomosty” show (“BusinessArt – we build bridges”), in... Read more
How much does depression cost?
Fortunately, depression is ceasing to be perceived as a taboo question. Maybe it’s due to celebrities who no longer hide their condition; maybe it’s due to a peculiar fashion – the affliction is more and more discussed. It is a tremendous malady both for the person suffering from it... Read more
I used to be asked in primary school: ‘What will your job be in the future?’.  I named in the same breath several professions, yet people asking me that question sniffed at my very second idea.   Later on, at the studies, I was asked: ‘Are you sure you will... Read more


Feuilletons 7 February 2017

“Innovation” – how to understand this word? In the traditional meaning, innovation is an introduction  of a new quality and value. Business innovation is a set of actions, which are meant to give a better quality and efficiency in running a business. Before talking about introducing innovation,  we must... Read more
As a trainer and coach, I often hear that training does not work. And that’s true! How does it happen?  Do you know people who go to so many trainings, come back to everyday life with a better vision  of themselves, and then within 48 hours drop back to... Read more