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Jakub Bączek – Vacation with personal development
It was a grassroots initiative rather than my own idea. People constantly asked me for advice or help, and they often said that I could help them better than  a psychologist… So I decided to give it a try commercially; one of the first projects I took the entire... Read more
Andrzej Tarkowski-Kiliszewski – Warsaw in the eye of camera
ATV is an online TV as well as a film studio.  How did you come up with the idea  of creating an online TV? We live in the 21st century and we can observe how Polish media connect with the online ones and how the Internet has become a... Read more
Ryszard Rembiszewski – still Mr Lotto
What is success for you? Once I read Bob Dylan’s words “A man  is a success if he gets up in the morning and gets to bed at night, and in between he does what he wants to do.” I think this is what success means,  but unfortunately it... Read more
Franchising Television? Why not! An interview with Daniel Wrocławek
Daniel Wrocławek is a private entrepreneur, who created an innovative idea of a franchise television network from scratch. The idea was quickly appreciated by jurors of various national competitions. Daniel Wrocławek was awarded, among others, the  “Discovery of the Year 2015” Diamond and the “Success of the Year 2016”... Read more
Łukasz Milewski – Powerful beyond
 Every one of us running this race we call life sometimes needs to stop and think,  if the path we’re pursuing is really the right one for us. During our meetings,  we give people the things that they rarely get to experience in their everyday life  – faith and... Read more
Monika Goździalska – To! TV now
The moment you left TVn and decided  to appear on a new network was a big surprise  for everyone. Where did the idea come from? The decision about leaving TVN was natural for me. I’ve been presented with a better offer, I had the opportunity to run my own... Read more
Skills of business people
What do you value most  in life and why? The three things I value most in life are my family, my health, and the opportunity to help people to realize their full potential for success and happiness. My family, including my wonderful wife, my four beautiful children, their wives... Read more
IHRC is the International Commission on Human Rights which deals with humanitarian aid, protection and respect for human rights throughout the world. It is an impartial and independent organization. It is always there where conflicts arise, in response to the needs and situations of victims. What does the INTERNATIONAL... Read more
Star Wines Poland has, since 2012  been conquering the Polish wine market
When did you first come across the subject of wine and why did you choose the wine sector? While studying for MBA International Business in the United States at the University of Esse in New York, I had the chance to meet a bunch of New York sommeliers and... Read more
Tax havens in the world for Polish entrepreneurs
Over a period of several months you have received many prestigious awards and accolades. Among them is the Business Guru award from the Business Link society and two Mentor of the Year awards selected in the ‘best of the best’ poll of the most widely read business guide. Another... Read more