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Risk – the negative actor of investment
,,Risk is the result of being unaware of your actions”. – Warren Edward Buffet Recently there has been an in.flow ef money anto the market, which was previously detracted by Poles Jrom the banks which once were called institutions ef public trust” and then became brokers ef every possible... Read more
Now how can you be a feminist?
The observation of the world does not give us uniform answers, as is the current case with civil rights. Yes, women can vote, work, and be independent. Office buildings are full of women implementing their carrier paths – beautiful, educated, and able. Many women put their bets on running... Read more
What is investing in gold really?
Lately gold has consumed the attention of investors. This metal is commonly referred to as an alternative investment, yet is it really something new or exotic enough in relation to the “good old” stocks, obligations, bonds and currencies, to call it “alternative”? A SHORT HISTORY OF GOLD Gold was... Read more
How to start gathering personal wealth?
Most importantly it’s a question of starting and then being willing to continue gathering capital for the future. A great number of Poles, only 20 million from among 38 million (so 52.5%) have no savings at all, and although 70 % of them declare that they want to save money,... Read more
Helping others – investing in yourself
The holiday season is approaching: that time of the year when we observe heightened activity from various charity organizations and fundraisers for lofty goals. It is always worth it to join in on such charitable events. You should treat good deeds as an investment. Even if we don’t have... Read more
Real estate group investments
An investor is a restless spirit. Always on the lookout for new ways to accumulate capital. For a long time I’ve been observing an influx of investors to the real estate market. They believe in it and are looking for an opportunity. Most of them, due to various reasons,... Read more
Investing in real estate through an SPV – a case study
An SPV (a Special Purpose Vehicle) is an investor’s tool. As any other tool, it should be used only, when it is justified. There are some general rules about whether to create a company or invest as a natural person. Today I would like to tell you about investing... Read more
The power of real estate financing
Investing in real estate is a three-step process: research, financing and implementation/profit. If we do not possess proper financing, the other steps become irrelevant. Due to the Polish market’s relatively young age, and to legal and mentality-related conditions, the methods of financing that have used on developed markets (especially... Read more
Loan business

Loan business

Investments 7 February 2017

Unfortunately, the complexity of current solutions and the far-reaching formalisation of the bank/customer relationship, directly resulting from the legal system, regulation and control, which contemporary banks  are subject to, has led to a situation where we ask ourselves: what is the bank in our times, for whose benefit  does... Read more
Investing and the family
Investing means deferring the consumption of the fruits of your labour. We put them at the disposal of others  or exchange them for a variety of assets. In short,  we deprive our family of cash for current purposes.  It does not pose a big problem when the income is... Read more