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Risk – the negative actor of investment
,,Risk is the result of being unaware of your actions”. – Warren Edward Buffet Recently there has been an in.flow ef money anto the market, which was previously detracted by Poles Jrom the banks which once were called institutions ef public trust” and then became brokers ef every possible... Read more
Now how can you be a feminist?
The observation of the world does not give us uniform answers, as is the current case with civil rights. Yes, women can vote, work, and be independent. Office buildings are full of women implementing their carrier paths – beautiful, educated, and able. Many women put their bets on running... Read more
Uczestnicy Forum Liderów Rozwoju 26 lutego uczyli się skutecznych technik sprzedaży,  zarządzania i motywacji!
Four incredible speakers and coaches, a major injection of substantive knowledge and motivation, and over three hundred participants – that is an abbreviated version of how things went at the Developmental Leaders Forum (FLR) conference on February 26th, 2019 at the G2A Arena. February 26th at the G2A Arena... Read more
Digital Networking, the tools of a good networker
Imagine that you just finished with a great conference and met a lot of interesting people. A few of these acquaintances seem to be promising, but after a few intense hours, you are no longer sure of who you agreed with on what or what was discussed, their faces... Read more
Value in its own – work as a virtue.
„Do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life” – Confucius A useful stage in self-discovery is taking notice of the famous Confucian saying, “If you do what you love, you will never have to work.” This maxim is making quite the career in recent years,... Read more
A Donor’s Dilemma

A Donor’s Dilemma

Knowledge 14 December 2018 0

Helping those in need of a business enterprise is an element of good PR – looks good, adds prestige, and clears the company’s conscience. Should we always help? When can help do more harm than good? How do we choose a beneficiary, and is it possible to help without... Read more
Charity of a Marketer

Charity of a Marketer

Knowledge 14 December 2018 0

Charity is the source of many wonderful feelings. I only wonder, are these feelings a result of the fact that you are giving someone something that they need, or out of feeding your ego by giving someone something you have more than enough of and the other person doesn’t... Read more
Good or just expensive hands…?
They say that sport activities are good for health. But sports also mean money. We  advise counting     it when preparing for the next ski season, changing our bike, or getting involved in a new athletic discipline. That moment, when money becomes a major element of sports, also comes when... Read more
When time is the currency, it’s easy to overpay
Lessons in saving and investing for young people have a very big gap. They teach the individual the use of only one currency: money. Well, these small amounts that remain in the wallets of students, or even the first salary of aspiring corporate employees do not require too much... Read more
Personal change

Personal change

Knowledge 6 February 2017 0

Any change in life forces a personal change on us – we assume a new role. This seems trivial, but when change is serious, we need to become a person that we have never been before. This requires learning new skills, attitudes, beliefs and behaviours. Change, even if it... Read more