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Nick Vujicic – God, honor… and motivation Nick Vujicic – God, honor… and motivation
  Hello, Nick, thank you so much for agreeing to this interview. We are very excited about this, even though this is your second visit... Nick Vujicic – God, honor… and motivation

  Hello, Nick, thank you so much for agreeing to this interview. We are very excited about this, even though this is your second visit to Poland. Getting to the point…

BT: How do you like Poland? How was the flight?

NV: Thank you for asking. The flight went by very quickly and it was quite enjoyable. I am currently on my longest tour since many years. Before coming to Poland, I performed in many other countries. I am always happy to come back to visit you.
I truly admire you, such a marathon can’t be an easy feat. However, I am glad you made it. From what I gather, last year, when Milewski & Partners were organizing a meeting with you at the Inea Stadium, it wasn’t so certain that you were going to show up.

(laughing) Indeed the situation was a bit tense. They canceled our flight last minute, even though we had reserved our tickets well in advance. Turns out that the doors to our plane were simply not working. The challenge was finding a different flight, as not many airlines want to constantly be bringing my wheelchair aboard. I’m grateful that Lukas and Basia were up to the challenge. First, we took Polish airlines to Warsaw; then, from there, they brought us to Poznan via two cars. It really was challenging, but luckily all ended well, and we had quite the spectacle.
It’s good to hear you speaking of challenges. I am under the impression that your life, due to your physical limitations, is full of challenges. Many people don’t give enough thought to what they have on an everyday basis; meanwhile you seem to not even be fazed by your situation and continue through life with a smile on your face. How is it really?

NV: I never saw my limitations as hurdles. It’s true that I had to spend more time for performing certain tasks than others around me, such as writing text messages or playing golf. But this just gave me a boost of energy;  I wanted to show the world that I can and will do it.  I wanted to be as efficient as possible for my wife and kids.
Exactly, how does it feel to be a freshly made father?

My most sincere congratulations! I observe your fan page and see how much joy being a father brings you. I’m convinced you are a wonderful father. Are you not one bit worried how it will be in a few years? NV: No, I don’t worry at all, because God is with me at every turn. Of course, like with anyone, I have my days of doubt. In those moments, I try not to show it and  I turn to the Lord. He always gives me strength.
What do you think of our country here  and the Poles who live here?

So far, I got to know Lukas and Basia the best.  If all Polish people are so full of faith and have such a determination for changing the world, then you are truly an uncommon nation. In Poland, I am met with high regard at every turn. It’s not often that I speak to a crowd and see so many tears of sympathy in the eyes of the viewers; when you understand my mission. Your history is unusually difficult and dramatic. Maybe that is why you as people have so much good energy and will to make the world a better place. Saying this completely honestly – I love you guys! You are unbelievable!
I thank you on behalf of all of us, it is truly rare to hear such kind words. You inspire others like no one else in the world. It is made even more apparent by the places you go and how many people you give moral support to, I am truly in awe. I remember how you visited an orphanage for AIDS-infected children.  I am truly impressed by what you do.

For me, that visit was also quite an event. Nobody in the world – no child or adult, should be left alone.  That was a place where many of the children were simply abandoned. It was really hard to raise their spirits, knowing what situation they were in. However,  I know that, with the help of God, all is possible.

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