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Kamila Rowińska – Business Coaching Kamila Rowińska – Business Coaching
You changed your profession to become a coach and trainer; what spurred you in this direction? For 13 years, I worked as the director... Kamila Rowińska – Business Coaching

You changed your profession to become a coach and trainer; what spurred you in this direction?

For 13 years, I worked as the director of a distribution network for a Swedish cosmetics corporation. I loved this job and I was passionately devoted  to it. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I had  a plan to write a book, to share my knowledge  and experience. I managed an organisation with  3500 people and I was successful in this field. A series of difficult personal situations accelerated my decision. When I was 26, my mother suddenly died, and two years later, a doctor discovered  a tumour in my chest, which was a moment  of sadness and pause for me. Two years later, I went to college to study  coaching, for I wanted to explore this subject and prepare for the new profession.

And you began after graduation?

Unfortunately, not right away. Another  tiring situation awaited me after my studies. More tumours turned up, I went through a divorce, my stepfather died. It took me two years to overcome all this and rebuild myself. Working through this crisis, I was rearranging my life. And then, I decided that I would write a book, which would help others to live a conscious and mindful life. Two years later, it came out under the title “Build your life responsibly and boldly”.


What was the most difficult thing for  you in that time?

The feeling of helplessness, loneliness, ack of faith  in love. In just a few years, I lost my loved ones,  my mother and my stepfather, I went through  a painful divorce, and new tumours kept appearing.  My son went to kindergarten at that time, I was a single mother, I needed strength and support, and it was hard to cope with grief, illness, and a broken heart all at once.

But now your life looks completely different…

It is true. I remarried, I gave birth to my second son, and one year ago, I finished treatment  after the removal of nine tumours. Today, I live in Brussels, I run a company in Poland and the UK, and last month, my sixth book entitled “You deserve success” was published.

What is success for you?

Success is to realise your own values at the highest level available to you. For me, the most important values are family, growth, and health. Today, when  I have a happy family, I care for my health and I grow professionally, I feel that I am achieving success.  I never allow myself to put one value over another  and I fiercely preserve a balance between them.

What makes you most excited and motivated when you do your work?

Since 2010, I have been supporting others in achieving success. So what I enjoy the most is their results. Increased sales for the participants of my “Master of Sales” training, observing how people grow during the “Dream Team” training, how they arrange a plan to build a company. The first and each subsequent million earned by my client or fulfilling the dream of buying  a Mercedes by a man who drove a Matiz for many years. Climbing on the big scene by a graduate of my Coach Academy. Can there be anything more beautiful than being part of such stories?

Do you meet young people who want to change something in their lives?

Do you have some golden advice for them? Success and change have no age. My clients  are both students and mature businesspeople. Of course, students cannot immediately afford  a training package, so they usually start by reading my books or watching the vlog and sending questions to my office. The only suggestion I have after observing people who declare their willingness to change is: Decide what you want and be willing to pay the price for it!
Success is not mandatory. Not everyone will have spectacular results, for they are reserved for the most dedicated, determined, vigilant, and above all,  for those who turn ideas and words into action

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