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Zaufanie to podstawa branży beauty
Salon kosmetyczny to wyjątkowy biznes, gdyż opiera się na zaufaniu – wywiad z Kamilą Kozłowską, właścicielką i managerką salonu kosmetycznego Open Clinic w Warszawie   PO CO DBAĆ O SIEBIE? Dla osób, które dbają o siebie na co dzień takie pytanie jest właściwie niezrozumiałe, to jak mycie zębów po... Read more
Life in the Fast Lane
In my role as leader of The Academy of Rock and Human Dynamics, I’ve been privileged to meet a wide variety of people that live life without limits. We have limited time on planet Earth and it therefore matters that we live life to the full whatever advantages and... Read more
About the Global Investor Club, in other words, what can you do with a dash of spare time?
Tuesday 6 p.m. is approaching. Excitement related to the beginning of a meeting is detectable in the air. New people are coming in. I see some of them for the first time; others, you could call patrons. At the Global Investor Club, we make relations  – it’s our main... Read more
The Passion of Business
Passion.  This word has become almost trite nowadays. “I’m passionate about helping people,” “I’m passionate about global warming,” “I’m passionate about tiny dogs with pretty ribbons in their hair.” Whatever drives you, passion surely comes into it.  Otherwise you wouldn’t be where you are now. The problem is however,... Read more
The Offspring – headlines of the III edition of the Czad Festival
There was un unusual event in Straszecin near Dębica in August this year which fans of cool and groovy music could not miss.  It’s the third time that the Czad Festival has taken us to a magnificent journey of iconic pieces of several dozen artists from around the world. ... Read more
Smoking is human, smoking cigars is divine
Opening, lighting and savouring cigars are all rituals that appropriately accompany smoking cigars. Hand-made cigars with a long filler are closed on the side that we put into our mouths, hence the need for opening the cigar appropriately. We can use various accessories for this purpose. The most common... Read more
125 years of Rioja’s Biggest pride!– LA RIOJA ALTA S.A
Rioja, which is a highly regarded area of Spain makes some of the best Tempranillo-based wines in the world. Once the only DOCa (recently joined by Priorat in 2001), Rioja is divided into 3 sub-regions: Rioja Baja, Rioja Alta, Rioja Alavesa. There are 4 red varieties and 3 white... Read more
Golf – sweater, car or maybe a sport…?
It is understood that our current golf derives directly from sheep herdsmen who, out of boredom, started hitting stones with sticks. The sticks hit the stone which rolled over, and so continues the story of golf. autor Golf – sweater, car or maybe a sport…? Practically everyone hearing this... Read more
Solec Residence

Solec Residence

Lifestyle 3 February 2017

 We are living ever faster and we have even less time and this fact has contributed to the changes in our needs and living conditions. Several years ago, the outflow of affluent residents of the capital to the outskirts of Warsaw was clearly noticeable, where houses with gardens were... Read more
The organization of work in the company is based on the prevailing relationship between employees regardless of the career levels which they find themselves at. The key to success is to have good management in the company and you should not assume that workers themselves will seek to increase... Read more