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The Luxury Brand of the Year 2022 Gala The Luxury Brand of the Year 2022 Gala
The Luxury Brand of the Year Gala and the preceding Luxury Trade Fair is the only event on a national scale gathering leading representatives... The Luxury Brand of the Year 2022 Gala

The Luxury Brand of the Year Gala and the preceding Luxury Trade Fair is the only event on a national scale gathering leading representatives of the premium sector from Poland and around the world.

The evening’s culmination is the presentation of prestigious statuettes, which will not only reward the achievements so far, but also motivate the company to develop further and open the way to cooperation with other luxury brands and enterprises.

LMR is a great opportunity to present your prestigious business activity and expand your industry contacts – during the preceding Luxury Fair, both Laureates and Partners as well as guests can promote their company, present services / products and look for potential business partners. There will also be symposia devoted to the development of the luxury goods market and its prospects.

However, it should not be forgotten that the Luxury Brand of the Year Gala is also a social event – each edition is accompanied by a friendly and spontaneous atmosphere conducive to having fun, making friends and exchanging views. Additional entertainment is provided by various types of artists and music bands – for example, the 2021 edition was graced by Magik Muszyński and soprano Nina Nowak.

This year’s thirteenth edition of the LMR Gala will be held on November 21, 2022 at the prestigious and luxurious Renaissance hotel located in Warsaw’s Okęcie. The start of the Luxury Fair is scheduled for 12:00.

Who is organizing the LMR Gala?

As every year, the organizer is of course the president of the board of the company of LMR, and also a well-known director, actor, screenwriter and film producer – Mariusz Pujszo.

It is he who has been inviting personalities of merit for the premium brand segment to celebrate this special occasion, unique in Poland, for 13 years.

In which categories are the prizes awarded?

In addition to the main category “Luxury Brand of the Year”, which awards companies and brands that have managed to win the recognition of very demanding customers, the LMR Gala also awards in the following areas:

  • Super Luxury Brand of the Year – a prestigious award for exceptional brands
  • Highest Quality of the Year – receiving it confirms the reliability and quality of services / products. It is awarded to the brands that are most highly rated by consumers;
  • Creator of the Polish Luxury Goods Market of the Year – this is a special award given to personalities who create luxury and beauty on the domestic market;
  • Innovations of the Year – goes to brands that have presented the outstanding innovation of their company and set new trends in their industry;
  • Visioner of the Year – statuette for creators of bold plans and ideas;

Which brands took part in the Luxury Brand of the Year Gala?

So far, the prestigious Luxury Brand of the Year award has been awarded to dynamically operating Polish companies, exclusive brands and foreign trade and service companies, which consciously build competitiveness while respecting ethical standards, and at the same time significantly contribute to the development of the premium sector.

The awards went to, among others:

  • Dr Irena Eris
  • Volvo
  • Cisowianka
  • Eveline Cosmetics
  • Ewa Minge
  • Braun
  • Ferrari
  • Deutsche Bank

Why is it worth taking part in the Luxury Brand of the Year Gala?

It’s very simple – participation in LMR, and especially becoming a Laureate, brings tangible benefits.

First of all, it is necessary to mention the possibility of establishing lucrative business contacts with other participants of the Gala – representatives of many different industries, show business and even the media appear there. So it is a great opportunity to make friends, open up to new markets and start a fruitful cooperation.

The Gala itself and the Luxury Fair that preceded it is also a great opportunity to promote your services / products, and even sell them directly – each Partner and Winner of the LMR Gala has their own stand at their disposal, which will be open throughout the event. In addition, promotional materials of the Partners / Winners will be placed in bags that will be received by each participant of the Gala.

A new commercial and service company or a company that is just starting its activity will certainly appreciate the possibility of its brand becoming known to the wider audience – thanks to the presence of media representatives and numerous video / press coverage, it is possible to reach a large number of potential customers.

As many previous winners (both Polish and foreign) admit, placing information about receiving a prestigious award for companies on the packaging of their products significantly contributed to the increase in sales. The logo of the Luxury Brand of the Year is therefore a credible recommendation, so important in the process of building customer trust and brand awareness.

More information about the Luxury Brand of the Year Gala can be found on the event website.