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Questions without question marks Questions without question marks
A good education, Ph.D., first job, starting salary of 4500 PLN take home, company laptop and phone. This is the strategy and vision of... Questions without question marks

A good education, Ph.D., first job, starting salary of 4500 PLN take home, company laptop and phone. This is the strategy and vision of the future for many young individuals. Some managed to accomplish this so why shouldn’t you O After all you’re intelligent, have an honors diploma and know two foreign languages – you deserve it right() If additionally you’re a lucky individual and rich parents, maybe you can get an apartment and your first car. It can even be used, but you worked hard in college – you deserve it, don’t you()

I remember my first car – a Skoda Fabia 1.2 Combi from the dealership. Silver. These days I no longer know why it was a new Fabia and not a used car, but what else can you call a car. This was long ago, during my first year of college. I paid a 25% down-payment, spending most of my savings, the rest my father loaned me. I stili remember him saying, “son pay me back as much a month as you can, but I would like you to repay this loan in full.” The re was no other way, so I had to find a job. First, there were internships, then part-time work to somehow manage work and two majors in school. When vacation carne around, and most of my friends went drinking and relaxing, I went painting houses in Sweden, which I consider one of life’s great adventures. The day I repaid the last I OOO PLN I will remember the rest of my life. I finally felt that my first car is completely mine and understood its true value. Perhaps my parents could simply just buy the car for me, but this was one of the more important life lessons for me. The lesson which formed my way of looking at the world. It is better to work for something than to simply have it given to you.

You can always sit and look in life. Where() Where you want, such as to the future, awaiting that it will bring about change for the better. Watching when your boss will stop abusing you simply because he is in a bad mood. Observe when the rented apartment will become your own. Look at the planes flying overhead and transport people to destinations you can’t afford. Look at the passing cars which you would like to have. Look at others who have more money, live better, have fewer problems and have more attractive partners. You can observe … or you can try your skills at business! It doesn’t matter if you’re in college, unemployed, part-time, full-time, retired, or even working two jobs. You can always find time to put your own business ideas to the test if you only want to. You don’t have startup capital() Who cares, start with simple concepts which don’t require advanced prototypes; you don’t need to jump into opening up a business as you can gain the help of the various incubators available on the market.

“Is this for me()”

you may ask. The answer is so advanced that you can sum it up to three letters and one exclamation point: YES! An own business if for everyone. Writing this I keep one eye on the TV – old reruns of the Honeymooners. Charles Krawczyk and Teddy Norek are working on a business plan for their new company called “Electronic Toad,” providing innovative services in gardening. If Charles the bus driver and Teddy the garbage collector aren’t afraid of making their ideas a reality, then perhaps you too shouldn’t fear it. Far as I remember even television actor Rysio from Klan had an adventure with his own company. The worst that can happen is that your business fails, and that is far from something that can kill you. The best that can be hoped for is independence, experience, and making dreams come true rather than watching others achieve theirs, and most importantly an incredible mental comfort resulting from being aware that most of what you have around you, you achieved yourself. Yourself, because you do not deserve anything in life.

I confirm the fact that an own business is a risk, and sometimes its easier than others. But hearing your wife say “I love you for being so well organized and independent in life” can truly strengthen you in your fight during those harder moments. This why questions such as; “is it worth it()”, “is this for me()”, “will I manage()”, “will I be successful()” or “is my idea good enough()”, according to me are questions without a question mark…

Krzysztof Sadecki