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A cure for the category limitation  of young people
– “Are you from the art world, or from the business world?” I firmly replied that I’m from the business world after all. From the creative industry, but still. It was in June this year. I registered for the „BizneSztuka- budujemy pomosty” show (“BusinessArt – we build bridges”), in... Read more
How much does depression cost?
Fortunately, depression is ceasing to be perceived as a taboo question. Maybe it’s due to celebrities who no longer hide their condition; maybe it’s due to a peculiar fashion – the affliction is more and more discussed. It is a tremendous malady both for the person suffering from it... Read more
I used to be asked in primary school: ‘What will your job be in the future?’.  I named in the same breath several professions, yet people asking me that question sniffed at my very second idea.   Later on, at the studies, I was asked: ‘Are you sure you will... Read more


Feuilletons 7 February 2017

“Innovation” – how to understand this word? In the traditional meaning, innovation is an introduction  of a new quality and value. Business innovation is a set of actions, which are meant to give a better quality and efficiency in running a business. Before talking about introducing innovation,  we must... Read more
As a trainer and coach, I often hear that training does not work. And that’s true! How does it happen?  Do you know people who go to so many trainings, come back to everyday life with a better vision  of themselves, and then within 48 hours drop back to... Read more
I have been thinking that regardless of the sphere of life,  we desire change but … we are afraid of change   and that  blocks our actions. Probably it’s not the  same for everyone, but I suppose that in most of us it lies  dormant somewhere and there is greater... Read more
If you’re wondering whether to try your own business and if you are afraid of instability and risking the unknown and you do not know whether you should take a chance, ask yourself what you were afraid  of 15 years ago, 10 years ago and 5 years ago. Have... Read more
Imagine a spacious room, exquisitely decorated and equipped with high quality leather seating. There are elegant furnishings are made of precious wood in the room with a  delicate scent of expensive perfume, and the warm rays of the sun breaking out from behind the velvet curtains softly illuminating the... Read more
It is said that the curse of our times is the omnipresent rush. Perhaps it is already a threadbare topic, but I have some thoughts on this issue and I would like  to share them with you. We all know that on one hand, we want to be “cool... Read more

Applying strategy

Feuilletons 3 February 2017

“I wanted to adapt to the standards and I wanted to meet the demands that nobody had put to me; I wanted to be something or pretend to be something I’m not. And so once again it happened that I hastily asked myself and even my entire life. “... Read more