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You are not the limit  of which the world speaks You are not the limit  of which the world speaks
We live in prisons of our own limitations, which are imposed on us the instant we are born. From the very beginning, our parents,... You are not the limit  of which the world speaks

We live in prisons of our own limitations, which are imposed on us the instant we are born. From the very beginning, our parents, unaware of their limitations, superimpose the same structures on us by which they themselves live. This structure of limitation is then reinforced in our minds by the education system and society. All around us, people are being “manufactures”, which then have limits placed on them, weakening their self-esteem.

They must always be subordinate to someone or something. We lose our ability to make our own decisions in life, since even if we have the feeling that we are making our own choices, we are still in fact making them within the framework of a superimposed world view.

We are “immeasurable in infinity”

A slogan repeated so much it has almost become cliché: „everything is possible”, has for many become nothing but empty words. They do not put much weight on it and ridicule it because they fear it. They fear the possibility that they might become powerful beyond comprehension. If everyone in the world learned that there is nothing that is truly limiting them, then the world, which we know today, would cease to exist. The chains of slavery, which have been placed on mankind by governments and religions, would be undone.

Is this truly possible? Yes, it is! Everything is possible because we are “immeasurable in infinity”. Unfortunately, the problem lies in the fact that we have been programmed according to patterns, which cause us to have fear and anxiety. We blindly believed everything that we were taught and told over and over throughout the years, yet we never questioned why things are the way they are. They took away our childhood right to repeatedly ask the question: “why”? We all continue down the same track, created by the government and religion. This construct is so strong that, for many people, the truth means writing heresies about abstract concepts, which are entirely lacking any sense. The truth about ourselves is seen as a lie, which is the very reason why we cannot free ourselves. We don’t seem to understand that even the greatest lie, when repeated enough, will be perceived as the truth.

The Sky is not the limit

Since the sky is not a limit due to the existence of outer space, why do we consider ourselves as finite and limited? Many years ago, people were not aware of the existence of the rest of the universe, medicine, or the laws of physics; and yet there were discoveries being made, limits and boundaries were removed, and people saw proof for the fact that life had not shown all its cards as of yet. But why is it that we are unable to remove our own limitations, which in reality aren’t even ours? Perhaps because we keep hearing the voices of others in our minds, which have gathered there as prohibitions and restrictions that have set the framework during our entire lives. We listen to these voices, instead of listening to our hearts; and only our hearts do not have limits imposed on them. Contrary to our minds, it is our hearts that inspire us to act and accomplish great things, which we desire. The only thing the mind does is attempt to maintain safety and the quid pro quo of our comfort zone. It will always influence us in such a way as to keep us from going beyond the established norms. Of course, this effect can be reversed, so as the mind no longer is the dominant force driving us, and we start listening to our hearts. This requires us to break out of our shells and to take on new challenges, some of which may appear to be risky at the beginning. However, this is the only way we can prove to ourselves that the limits we perceived were only a grand illusion, which had blinded us years ago. If you act today, you begin to climb the ladder toward crossing the threshold of your own abilities.

Don’t be a limit, be infinite

Discovering just how much power we have, we regain control of our own lives. We gain courage, which will lead us further than we can imagine. We will take on new challenges, and the mind will begin to reject the old construct as it prepares to go beyond another threshold. The freedom gained by people will come from within, rather than from the outside world, because we will never find it in the outside world. Everything we need in life is in our heart’s desires. We gain immeasurability the very moment, when we take the next step and take on new challenges, to accomplish that which just moments earlier seemed to be impossible. And even if it is just a slogan made of empty words, then let’s try to prove that wrong. It is enough that we work toward a goal, which we thought to be beyond our grasp. Every time we undermine our weaknesses and limitations, we are taking a step forward. We reach places where we might have never gone. Limits do not exist so long as we don’t create them ourselves

Krzysztof Sadecki