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Passion and paradox – Kamil Romel Passion and paradox – Kamil Romel
If you have an idea and your intuition says “go for it” – act on it. You will be successful, you may fail. But... Passion and paradox – Kamil Romel

If you have an idea and your intuition says “go for it” – act on it. You will be successful, you may fail. But thanks to this you will learn who you are.

You are an athlete, and sport to a certain degree, means keeping in balance, so we would like to ask you about a certain paradox. There won’t be a better chance, as only passionate individuals prevail over paradoxes. On the one hand, there is the method to gain and maintain balance, and on the other the energy called motivation which can jolt us out of this balance: how do you see this and how do you use it to your advantage?

I don’t believe there is any contradiction between balance and motivation. Both these factors can function in a symbiotic way, of course in the right conditions. Energy, motivation to act is provided us by various stimuli. In my case it’s sports and professional accomplishment. Thanks to these I can produce this energy, called motivation to self-realisation and development. But…and this “but” is most important – maintaining moderation. This may sound trivial and isn’t exactly a discovery. But only by maintaining this golden balance are we able to function correctly.

Disturbing this balance between professional life, passion, and free time can lead to burnout. Overdoing it in any area causes a decrease in effectiveness, which in consequence causes the inability to accomplish your goals; including your business goals. Therefore, we find time for everything, because it guarantees our balance and a will to act.

You have partnered with Brian Tracy for a year now. What happened that caused you to work with one of the greatest minds in business?

Yes. In 2016, I decided to buy a majority share package in Brian Tracy Int. The decision was quick, because that is how I work. Risky too. What can I say with the benefit of hindsight? It was a good choice. Brian Tracy has been my mentor for years.

As a trainee in a telecommunications company, I built my career on the rules which he teaches. So, in a way we were made for one another. 😉 Of course, being connected to Brian Tracy who is the most famous and most valued foreign professional coach in Poland, allowed me to gain access to and present myself to the most demanding clients on the market. So, the bar was set very high, and that is what allows my team and I to climb to new heights of potential. We also gained exclusive distribution rights in Poland for Brian Tracy audio and video, and so gained the ability to reach new clients from remote parts of Poland and Europe who are interested in self-improvement.

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A conscious way of life is a result of self-awareness and knowing yourself. What would you recommend for people, who would like to change their lives but don’t quite know themselves or aren’t even aware of this?

Convincing ourselves regarding who we are is often a result of our thinking being directed by our society. Often enough, our view of ourselves is quite different from reality. If you have an idea and your intuition says “go for it” – act on it. You will be successful, you may fail. But thanks to this you will learn who you are.

Maybe we can go back for a moment to the concept of contradictions – supporting leaders and management teams is one of your specialties. How do you deal with individuality in certain companies’ working conditions which demand a unified front?

The key word here is Leader. In my opinion, a leader is a true commander, who people naturally follow.

In this case, unification has no impact. A leader is someone “universal” regardless of the company or branch, fashion or pharmaceutical, or even metallurgical.

What else besides optimism allows one to be a perfectionist without going overboard?

her than optimism…optimism. That is of course a joke. Though it is also a basic trait, which protects a business from sinking. No, to be serious…the team. Let’s remember that I am not the only one who comprises my company. I surround myself with people, who just like me, are passionate about their work. Each person is different and has a different personality and temperament. Yet together we function like clockwork. We complete each other.

If there is nothing else, what lets you be such an optimist and makes others around you be optimistic as well?

Passion. It is what conceives success. I recall how co-workers from a corporation I worked in for 11 years for were looking at my actions. To be honest, they thought it was a joke. But thanks to the fact that what I did came from passion and a love for what I do, I found myself where I am now. Business based on cold calculation will never succeed.

Twice now we touched on the concept of contradictions, and since the answers you gave are very interesting and to the point, we will ask another question regarding contradictions in negotiations. What is your most common way to break through and grab an opportunity?

Again, I will go back to “win win”. Most companies and people at the negotiating table are primarily concerned with gaining as much as possible for themselves. I also give. I don’t promise “a pie in the sky”, but I really give. A successful negotiation isn’t getting the most gains from it, but also ensuring that the other side is satisfied as well. Approaching the client as a partner ensures long term collaboration, not just a onetime deal.

As a curiosity, would you be willing to tell us about your relationship with Robert Cialdini, the author of one of the most popular books on practical psychology in Poland? Did you learn of any new plateau’s regarding your professional life from him?

I can tell you, that my relationship with Professor Robert Cialdini had an explosive start; During one of my conferences in 2014, where one of the leading speakers was Professor Robert Cialdini, police and firefighters arrived on the premises during the second half of his speech and asked us to evacuate our guests. After talking with police, we found out there was an anonymous tip regarding a bomb threat on the building… Thankfully, everything turned out to be a false alarm, and Professor Cialdini finished his lecture in a conference hall arranged last minute.

Going on to the second part of the question – The 7 rules of influencing people is basic knowledge. These rules allow us to better understand the mechanisms that make us tick as people. Knowing these rules increases the e ciency of an individual in sales or business. They are simple and universal enough that anyone can use them regardless of if they work for a large corporation, run their own small business, or just wish to use it in their everyday life.

We would like to ask you for one thing which our readers will remember you by and always keep in mind that you were a guest at Businessman Today.

Success is the result of an idea, action and determined achievement of specific goals. Therefore, my recipe for success is simple and contained in three words: idea, work, perseverance. ■

Krzysztof Sadecki

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