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Helping – selfless action or sacrifice? Helping – selfless action or sacrifice?
Do you help others and do so altruistically? Do you help others without thinking about yourself, or maybe your heart is guiding you to... Helping – selfless action or sacrifice?

Do you help others and do so altruistically? Do you help others without thinking about yourself, or maybe your heart is guiding you to do so? Each of these statements is rather similar in nature, as they all bare the same basic message: I HELP. Yet each one has a few underlying layers, which I would like to discuss here, showing you my views and experiences, as well as those of my clients, business partners, and mentors

The aspect of helping has always been very important in my life for as long as I can remember – the more I developed on my way through life, the more I understood the great power that comes from helping another person. Very often I encounter people who claim they will start to help others the moment they have enough for themselves…regarding both money and time. At this stage, they stop and close the door on the topic. But there are so many ways in which someone can help someone else! Here, once again we start from the very first step; give to another what you can offer them at a given moment. Think for a moment what you yourself are adept at and how you can use this to help the other person. There are times in life when we gather and gather so many unnecessary household gadgets at home, unused clothes, or other elements which only exist in our possession for the sake of being of use to someone else.

Have you thought about this? You have no idea, how much happiness you can bring with just such a meaningless gesture! What is more, the universe works in such a way that when you share what you have an abundance of in your home with others, you create FREE SPACE for yourself to get SOMETHING NEW. Try it for yourself! I especially encourage the ladies to try this exercise, as many of you love to gather and hold on to various outfits, accessories, gadgets, and shoes and then keep them stored for years without having the intention of ever wearing them again. Offering these goods to someone else, has a chance of doing a lot of good, and you, in turn, give the universe a sign that there is free space available to be “refreshed” and filled. Gentlemen, the same goes for your gadgets and wardrobe elements. Try this and see the results for yourself!

A very important element of helping is NOT TO EXPECT anything in return when sharing what you have with another individual…If you start waiting to see what you will get out of it, then what you will be doing will be neither honest or real. Offer your help, do it, act, let your energy flow and wait to see what happens – be happy in performing this step. Let your intentions be pure and straight from the heart. Of course, the ideal situation is when there is an equal exchange of energy in both directions: “however much you give you receive”; as this keeps the balance in the universe and is exactly what we are working towards. If we help sincerely and without any expectations, it is only natural that somewhere down the line, that good will return to us at the right moment.

Another important issue is a situation, in which constantly helping someone – helping, helping, giving, giving, and more giving, at a certain point turns into acting at the expense of yourself. At this moment, you must clearly tell yourself: STOP, and halt the cycle.

We cannot act at the expense of ourselves because at that moment it becomes self-sacrifice, and its long-term effects can have various consequences, even at the price of our health. I wrote that your intentions must be pure, and that the help you bring must come from the heart, and that is a solid foundation. You send out good energy, and with this you support the work which you have joined, and the people which you helped by way of your work. But when you start to help someone, consistently giving away your time, money, and other parts of your life, while the other individual keeps on taking and accepting this without ever offering anything in return, then, in the long run, you are just working at your own expense… Therefore it is important to every so often stop, and re-evaluate the direction in which our work is heading. This same example can be applied to our business relationships, be it with our business partners or our employees. How much of your time do you spend on others around you, and for example, how much time do you spend with your family? Look, these are small elements of a whole. It isn’t about cold hard calculation, just that we need to be aware of the fact that just as we can give from ourselves, we must also be capable of TAKING. Can you take a good word? Do you know how to accept a compliment? Think about how you act in these situations. Yet, all it takes is saying one magical phrase – “thank you” – and accept that which is given to you by another. Having these two sides of the coin; when you can give, and take, ensures that the balance is kept. For me, the most important aspect of my work is to reach more people and inspire them to change their view of the world; to come out of their comfort zone and so on. There are many components to my work, and on the one hand, many of them are performed for a fee; but the other parts of my work I do entirely for free, with a sincere will to help others. In the same way, I organise webinars or live sessions, where I share some value or thoughts with others.

These are often small bits or solid techniques, which I am experimenting with after returning from a seminar or event. What is important to me, is to support those individuals who wish to grow along with me, as well as being heard by those societies which have never even heard my name. It is a great satisfaction to me, and it is even more satisfying when someone writes to me, sharing their experiences which they have had from APPLYING my knowledge to their life with me and at the very same time getting concrete RESULTS. During my events and speeches, I try to teach people how to take small steps toward developing a habit of GIVING and sharing with others, especially since at the beginning this does not come naturally to everyone. I give them the “Jar Technique” – various mentors have many versions of this exercise. I ask you to set up several jars, among them: a “Play Money Jar”, “Savings Jar” and “Charity – Help Jar”, and we will focus on this last jar today. For the next 30 days put money into it, or if not money then perform a good deed for someone else, anything. Do this for thirty consecutive days, meanwhile observing yourself, your feelings, and your thoughts. After these thirty days, empty out the jar and use the contents for the allotted purpose. TRY for yourself and see what starts to happen in your life.

I also urge you to see how you will be affected by a regularly repeated mantra, which I also teach at my events. Find some peace and quiet during the day, sitting at the o ce, at home, or wherever, and get to it: “Money comes easily to me at all times, from various sources, therefore I can help others”. Repeat this to yourself, giving yourself positive energy, let go and let the universe do its work! Just watch how much this will change you and your surroundings. I strongly encourage you to experience this. After these minute experiments huge changes in people and their perception of the world, as well as their view on helping others occur.

One of my business partners, Bob Proctor, teaches us to set aside 10% of our income for charitable causes, and to observe the great men and women of our time, such as Richard Branson, because helping others is a very important part of what they do. Of course, they do this on a far grander scale. Keep in mind that for them this also once started from the first steps, and only over time developed into being second nature and the topic of their seminars and events. By helping others, you become a happier person than you once were. The more you develop and climb to the next levels, you see, feel and sense more in the world, and so helping others comes more naturally to you. You begin to work towards helping others rise to these next levels so they too can see the world they did not even know existed before.

But this will only happen when your intentions are pure and your heart is open toward others. Remember, what you do for others, will eventually come back to you. ■

Daniel Konieczny

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