Businessman TOday
„Minimal wage, i.e. not less than…”
On 01.01.2015, Germany introduced the new act on minimal wage. Previous regulations concerned only selected branches and now, there is introduced one common minimal wage rate of 8.5€ per hour (gross) and its applicability is extended for all branches and all employees all over Germany. Although the minimal wage... Read more
Startup revolution goes on!
When Dariusz Żuk, the Entrepreneurial Poland, along with his school mates – Jacek Aleksandrowicz and Mariusz Turski – invented the first business incubator, he must have not predicted that 10 years later this would be the network present all over Poland on one  of the largest ecosystems of this... Read more
Businessmen invest in the real value and don’t pay taxes
Domination of banks and financial institutions at the investing market is slowly becoming  to end. Investors, discouraged by a lack of profits from investing funds, Forex, Stock market or other virtual institutions, more often choose investments based on the real value. Thanks to this, they gain not only the... Read more
Investing in wind power plants – a decay of Eldorado?
Professional wind power plants have been built in Poland for 20 years now. Recent years are a period of a real inundation of projects of new plants and individual turbines.  All because of a new provision in the energetic law, introducing the guarantee of 100% buy-back of energy from... Read more