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Three methods for a quick and effective change in interior décor Three methods for a quick and effective change in interior décor
Even though an individual approach regarding every employee is a rather obvious matter, not many employers know how to fully utilize their team’s potentia}... Three methods for a quick and effective change in interior décor

Even though an individual approach regarding every employee is a rather obvious matter, not many employers know how to fully utilize their team’s potentia} and to manage it efficiently. Searching for answers to business efficiency inevitably leads to the biostructure of the brain, which has an almost magnetic effect on supporters of self–development. How do the three different parts of the brain which are responsible for such different functions, influence personality traits? And do we apply this knowledge to successfully increase our business efficiency?

1. Repaint the walls
Instead of deciding on a long and expensive renovation project, it is possible to complete only minor revitalization work, such as repainting the walls. It is a simple solution which is relatively easy to do, but also not very refined. This is especially true if we choose to revitalize our walls with a fresh coat of neutral colored paint such as various shades of white or gray. A tiny bit of frivolousness will ensure a choice of a single more dominating color. It is also worth noting the fact that bold colors may bore us quickly. There-fore, we should never simply follow the seasonal trends for color schemes to be used in our home. If we wish to have a true metamorphosis pertaining to our home’s interior that would bring about a “wow” factor; painting aside, we can give into the temptation for tiling selected walls with decorative stone. This opens the space to completely new arrangement possibilities based on personal preferences in style and purpose. Also, such a method for transforming our interiors will fulfill not only all our expectations but also will surely impress our guests.

2. Choose decorative stone custom made for you
Hernan Gomez emphasizes that the only major trend in modern architecture is the use of a delicate Calacatta which can be found in the subtle patterns of the deco-rative stone Calama. This pattern is the only one of the headlining designs used in the ultramodern Supreme Line collection, which is produced with the most innovative tech-nology in the production of decorative stone which utilizes digital printing technology.

– Calama with a Calacatta pattern is just as ideal for interiors using a classical styling as it is for the contemporary. A light tone creates the perfect backdrop, and the pattern will easily fit in amongst the most elegant of home interiors or commercial spaces.

– Says Hernan Go-mez. The architect also emphasizes that when deciding on a truly spectacular change in interior design, it is important to choose a wall which is highly visible and is not overtly covered in decorations. In such a way, this wall will have a chance to be the centerpiece of the entire home.

On the other hand, outside, especially with homes in a mo-untain or American style, stone made by Rocky will prove quite effective. This stone differentiates itself through its uncommon strength and unmistakable character. These are not the only possibilities for it. On the interior of a house, it proves itself as a beautiful décor upon a mantle, as well as on walls. It wonderfully compliments wood and metal interior décor. It can be used in conjunction with for exam-ple; burgundy or gray walls or trim.

– Rocky is the type of stone which has a strong personality. It fits ideally to virtually any interior design, be it a home or apartment, or even offices and hotels where such attributes as a dominant character and expression are the backdrop for minimalism and hence are of great importance

– adds Hernan Gomez.

For those who like to take it a step further in terms of interior design, we have created the stone known as Graffiti. It is intended for individuals who value their independence and individuality.

This stone provides the perfect solution for finishing modern interior spaces in a loft style or interiors for young adults, as it emphasizes such attributes as individuality, energy, freshness, uniqueness, and boldness. The modern structure of the tile will, therefore, prove itself ideally in a teenager’s bedroom or give an atrium a lofty appearance; or even decorate a wall in a modern office or the home office of a bold CEO. If we do not wish to have a pattern on all four walls, then one or two of them can be painted in virtually any color which helps emphasize the chosen pattern. In this case hues of blue or gray.

– Graffiti is a pattern created with the thought of it being geared toward the younger generation, which prefers such esthetic appeals. It identifies a way of life and culture. It fits perfectly with creative spaces

– states the architect.

– That which is also worthy of note is the fact that the entire Supreme Line gives us the ability to procure a beautiful transformation of our interiors quickly and easily. What more – a wall which becomes a decoration does not require impregnation. The production technology used by Stone Master optimizes both the time and cost for the investor, as in differentiation from other stones, products from Supreme Line are already pre-impregnated, which not only saves money, but also influences a greater order, work aesthetic, and dispenses with the characteristic smell which often can be taxing for many people

– adds Hernan Gomez.

It is, therefore, worth it to choose a decorative stone produced with innovative technology and digital printing. In such a way we can create such a wall as would match our personality and will reflect our environment. Such possibilities are only provided by the Supreme Line collection by Stone Master.

Stone Master S.A. is a leader in the production of decorative stone and elevations in Poland, with nearly 30 years of experience. They offer a wide selection of varied collections of decorative stone in numerous patterns and colors. They also offer construction chemicals of the highest quality. The winners of the “Golden Villa 2014”, “2014 Success of the Year”, and “Luxury Brand of the Year 2015, 2016, and 2018” awards, and employing nearly 120 people between their offices and production factories in Lodz. Stone Master stocks are not listed publicly at this time.

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