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Fashion telegraph – Agnieszka Mrozińska Fashion telegraph – Agnieszka Mrozińska
  You’re an actress, vocalist, and even created your own brand of jewellery: Lulu Bijoux by Agnieszka Mrozinska. Which of these roles are you the... Fashion telegraph – Agnieszka Mrozińska

  You’re an actress, vocalist, and even created your own brand of jewellery: Lulu Bijoux by Agnieszka Mrozinska. Which of these roles are you the most comfortable with?

I am an artist, so I feel great in each of these roles. If I had to choose, though, I would pick acting. It is what I dreamed of doing ever since childhood, and it’s not without good reason why I chose to pursue a Master’s of Arts degree. So I am a certified actress. 🙂


My current job working for the Music Theatre Roma allows me to achieve my dreams in two of these roles: as an actress and as a vocalist. Additionally, it allows me to dance, which has also been a great passion of mine. Designing, on the other hand, helps me relax and brings me incredible happiness. I feel most inspired in doing so in the evening after a performance.


Fashion and business are closely tied to one another. Do you think that how you present yourself is one of the major factors behind your success?

I believe yes. Every artist is an individualist, but first impressions are just as important as a personality. My appearance is, in a way, my business card, and it has been the case more than once where this has worked like a magnet. Let’s take my activities on social media as an example. Pictures of my designs are very popular on social media, and this in turn influences the acquisition of some very profitable contracts with various brands and companies, not only from the fashion world…

Life in the fast lane, change and unexpected situations are an everyday occurrence for you. With all this going on, where do you find the time for fashion and taking care of your appearance?

Everything is a matter of good organisation. Contrary to what one might expect, I find that the more things I have to do, the more organised I become. Of course, sometimes I have 5 minutes or less for make-up, hair and wardrobe, but in my case, I have often found that the less time I had to prepare, the better the end result was.

It’s a known saying, “How they see you is how they will write of you.” What is your approach to what others say about you?

What those closest to me think of me is by far most important to me. Other than that, I always try to simply be myself.


Now, regarding fashion and my look, I wear what makes me feel at ease. For every occasion, I choose an appropriate creation. The outfit gives me confidence. But in my everyday life, I don’t actually think about if others will be judging me for my appearance. Everyone has different style, their own taste in clothes, so you simply cannot please everyone.

How do you feel about fashion trends?

I love to observe how fashion trends change, but I seldom follow them 100%. Most often, I mix different trends and styles to my preference. I love dresses, especially those from the 20’s. I think they are very feminine and emphasise our best traits, girlishness and charm. I have in my closet my favourite treasures, which I combine with the latest styles using various other items.

Biggest fashion discovery of 2016:

A line of women’s blazers by Alex Caprice – they’re colourful, perfectly accentuate a woman’s figure, and they match with just about everything.

When choosing an outfit, the most important element is:

Accessories, such as jewellery, handbags, or even perfume. These are the elements that add taste and uniqueness to every outfit.

Can’t leave home without it:

My cell phone.

Favourite scent:

La vie a Belle

Thank you for your time, and I hope there is always more space in your closet for new and intriguing fashion acquisitions!

Krzysztof Sadecki